I Can’t Wait // A New Voyage

Kotor Bay Montenegro

I Can’t Wait

It’s been 7 months since I’ve been on the road, spending lot’s of quality time with family, indulging in the comforts of home, and temporarily living a routine lifestyle with a part time job. While I have sort have settled a bit, I’ve begun to feel those nomadic symptoms more and more. I realized that coming back home has showed me what it’s like to have seconds thoughts about leaving, all over again. The perfect reminder that it’s not as easy to leave everything for the open road, even if you have been on the road once before. But I am officially ready for the sad goodbyes and ready for that first step outside my front door.

I can’t wait

For the endless beauty in all of those places unknown I have yet to see.

For the many reconnections with people I’ve met as well as the friends I have yet to make.

to try new things, experience new cultures whether I’m traveling domestic or internationally because that feeling of adventure is a memory you never forget.

to hit the road, put my thumb to the test, and open doors to new friendships if not, just simply remind myself that most people actually are kind and willing to help you.

to kick back somewhere with a beer taking in a day of travel or sinking my feet into the soft sand somewhere in Polynesia.

to discover my own flaws, make mistakes, and yes have those “bad days” to reflect on as yet another travel memory.

..The unknown can and will be intimidating, but once you get yourself out there and the momentum started, you will never stop. You will never want to stop.

This is what I live for! I am ready!

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