Ulcinj: A Semi-Hidden Beauty on the Sea

Ulcinj Montenegro

First thing you might ask yourself when you see the title is, semi-hidden? Ulcinj is certainly not unknown, but also not bombarded by mass tourism. How I discovered this place is exactly how I learned about 90% of the Balkans, curiosity. At my former work desk, there was one day where I scoped out the Montenegrin coast via Google maps and at the southernmost point I discovered the city of Ulcinj.

Montenegro Map UlcinjSeveral years later, here I am travel savvy of the Balkans, enjoying the Montenegrin coast, and fulfilling my curiosity about this incredible city on the sea. Although I was well aware of my intentions of being here, I really didn’t dive into what this city had to offer, let alone what’s here. Upon arrival, it took me by surprise. It’s quite obvious that Albania is only a few kilometers away, but this city felt more exotic than where I had been spending my time.

Ulcinj Montengro city center Ulcinj Montengro city center

Ulcinj montenegro city center

Ulcinj montenegro city center

What I love about this city is it’s old town. The old town sit’s on a hill/rock (not sure what) and overlooks the sea, with a bar outside of the walls with music to have a drink…and go for a swim. The walkways like most other cities on the Adriatic are narrow with old grey bricks with the sounds of families chatting in their homes with open window panels. And nearby, is a cove beach with many cafes, restaurants, and clubs on the water. After spending a month on rock/pebble beaches (not that I am complaining), it was nice to finally walk on soft sand.

Ulcinj Montenegro Beach

Ulcinj Montenegro Beach

On my journey, I sadly did not spend much time here due to the fact that 1) I was racing to the Aegean Sea before peak season. and 2) Running out of my budget. But had I stayed here longer than one night, I would have stayed a few days. This city is incredible, but there is so much to enjoy in this region of the country as well, from Bojana island in the south to spending time on Lake Skadar. Well, there is always reason to return and give the region more time. As for you, check it out, you won’t regret it. :)

Ulcinj Montenegro Beach

The sea ALWAYS makes this guy happy. :)

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